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BASH— Your AI Powered HR assistant

27 March 2017

There is this buzz/ hype around AI and Machine Learning. It is the new cleantech or big data or cloud computing.

Every technology has a hype cycle. In a brilliant article by Morgan Housel, he mentions, big breakthroughs typically follow a seven-step path:

  • First, no one’s heard of you.
  • Then they’ve heard of you but think you’re nuts.
  • Then they understand your product, but think it has no opportunity.
  • Then they view your product as a toy.
  • Then they see it as an amazing toy.
  • Then they start using it.
  • Then they couldn’t imagine life without it.

You can put AI in any category. We feel that we are in the transition between amazing toy and starting to use phase.

We, at BASH, are betting big on automation in routine tasks of the HR function. A rule based bot can help immensely in employees getting information faster with a conversational interface. Where the HR team can focus on the more meaningful tasks.

BASH has user-friendly front-end chat interface that mimics HR in an organisation. With BASH, employees get a virtual personal HR assistant for themselves. BASH uses conversations to get information rather than employees gathering information from lengthy manuals.

Currently, majority of technologies used in the HR function facilitate only non-employee facing activities, i.e. back-end functions. There are limited technologies which assist interactions between HR and employees, and all the interactions are manually managed, e.g. HR queries, notifications to employees on HR updates etc. BASH’s chatbot can be accessed on the organisation’s HR portal or other messenger platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, and Skype.

A major challenge that employees face is, the process to figure out where and how to find information on HR policies and processes, or whom to approach within the HR department for specific queries. For employees, BASH processes general inquiries and assists real-time grievances management by providing insights and reports leading to better productivity. For the HR function, BASH assists in processing all essential HR functions and, in return, improves processes.

The 4 modules we are currently focusing on, are :-

  1. 1. Welcome Aboard

This module is designed to engage employees in the span from recruitment till their induction, when they are most likely to explore different job options. It is meant to engage new hires and give them a taste of the organisation.

  1. 2. Post Hire Orientation

This module guides new hires through the bones of the organisation during the initial 90 day period. This helps them transition easily and contribute effectively.

  1. 3. HR Helpdesk

The everyday tasks conducted by HR are automated through this module, resulting in lower turn around time and a boost in efficiency. Queries like leaves, policies and grievance redressal are incorporated here.

  1. 4. Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is essential for workforce retention. To gauge this, the module checks in with employees regularly so as to ensure morale and bonhomie in the corporate structure.

The product is driven by a team with previous experience in HR and building AI powered chat bots.

We are now working to solve a problem which we deeply feel for. The HR domain has largely been untouched by technology. In the world which feels like an episode from Black mirror, our HR function is still laid back in adopting new technology trends.

BASH will help companies sift through the noise, find a signal and respond to the employees questions in real time. If data is available real time, then employees will be able to make more informed decisions than those in the era of ATS and HR portals.





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