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Raising Your Boss Game

AI can help managers improve team dynamics by giving more timely feedback to team members and improving team accountability. With the use of natural language processing, BASH can identify who needs positive feedback at the end of week and let the manager know or even provide the feedback; it can also highlight who needs more coaching and prepare a fact-filled one-on-one meeting agenda for the manager and employee. The benefits of better coaching are many and 72% of employees say their performance would improve if they got more feedback, but many managers lack the time, habit or data to consistently provide timely fact-based feedback.
Ultimately, BASH boosts our intelligence as managers and leaders. Think of it as your chief of staff, anticipating what you need to know, where your next best business move is and what your employees need from you. If you harness BASH and make it indispensable to you, you’ll be more indispensable to your organization!