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Meet the team-Barkha Sharma

28 March 2017

The CEO. The HR brain. The one who runs on chai. Barkha has over 7 years of experience in Human Resource, Talent Acquisition . She has worked extensively in Recruitment, Organisation Development, Process & Performance Improvement, Team Learning & Development, Resource Management, and People Management.
She is now working to solve a problem which she deeply feels for.
She feels the HR domain has largely been untouched by technology. In a world which feels like an episode from Black mirror the HR function has been laid back in adopting new technology trends.

She has a wicked sense of humour and a knack of coming with out of box solutions. Her emphasis has been on adding a bit more zest and zing to the conversations which would urge employees to talk to the bot. The surveys are fun, the responses are witty. She has been instrumental in the bot getting a slight character that employees would certainly enjoy.
She possess great people skills which has led to her being well connected with Major Company HR departments who are a critical stakeholder in adopting the product.

When not working, she can be found fighting death-eaters with her imaginary wand or trying to destroy Lord Soron and his ring. Her love for fantasy can also sometimes be seen in her work at BASH.AI. She is also a decent prose writer (her claims). Loves her biryani. Wishes to come out with coffee table named Fantastic Biryanis and Where to Find Them.

You can connect with her on Linkedin or