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AI should be welcomed, not feared !

August 3, 2017

AI revolution is rapidly changing the way we do business. Integrating human innovation with artificial intelligence, virtual reality and automation is transforming our definition of work. AI is constantly supplementing the capacity of human beings to do work. AI gives us a chance to provide customized services while at the same time cutting down on effort and time. This also leads to optimized output and fewer errors via real-time learning.
This kind of disruptive innovation has been an integral part of history for as long as we can remember. From the invention of the wheel to AI everything has been invented for the express purpose of making human life easier. Machines help us maximize our potential and direct our energies into varied avenues. But this kind of innovation raises doubts for industries and workers who face the brunt of the advances.
Digital innovation is our best option to connect the world and understand how we, as a society, function. It can help us find solutions for global warming, climate change and even the cure for cancer. However, there is a very real fear that the advent of AI will give rise to mass unemployment and will wipe out hordes of industries and livelihoods. There are calls for a universal basic income and debates on what AI really means for the future of humanity.
Realistically, what artificial intelligence is actually doing is providing more time for value added tasks that could not be done efficiently before. By automating simple tasks like helpdesks, AI opens up having more face-to-face meetings, training sessions, process optimization etc. It enables us to build a more inclusive and well-functioning environment which will help drive innovation and a higher efficiency. Through AI, weeks’ worth of mindless data analysis can be converted into a few hours of system processing.
Look at us (BASH), by automating processes like New hire orientation, HR helpdesk, employee engagement, it frees up time to actually understand and implement solutions to improve the work atmosphere and employee efficiency.
Having said that, AI can't function without human assistance. Industry can't flourish without human touch. If everything is automated, expected results would be there, but no innovation. Humans are needed in order to understand emotions and the sensitive scenerios within the organisation. AI can ofcourse offer solutions, but afterall it is implemented by human.

AI will:

  • Minimize the time required for simple tasks
  • Free us up for more meaningful pursuits
  • Reduce error
  • Efficiently collate troves of data into a useful format
  • Help optimize efficiency
  • Drive innovation and
  • Improve opportunities on a global scale

Artificial intelligence is a quite formidable tool but it is not a threat. It will simply enable us to make the most if our time and potential and help us build a better future. AI won't take away our jobs, it will just change the way we do it.
So, the sooner we embrace AI and integrate it in our work, the better it is. Investing in research and innovation is the way to go because we cannot stop AI, but we sure can harness it.
AI will change the world as we know it, but why are we so scared of the change ?