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Why AI is the way to fix HR

13 Jun 2017

“Human resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s a thing that runs our business”
- Steve Wynn
Imagine having a workplace with no structure of management for the personnel. You can’t! Each employee would be like a headless chicken, without the knowledge as where to go. Human Resource function is the backbone of any organization. Without this function, one would fall flat on the face.

What is wrong with HR?

So knowing how important the backbone is, let’s agree that it is important that it functions perfectly. Unfortunately, that is not the case in most establishments. The HR structure has evolved to become an Imperial Walker with multiple moving parts where one arm doesn’t know what the other is doing. HR is where you have to get signatures from 4 different departments just to get your leave approved. This results in loss of productivity and is extremely inefficient not to mention exasperating.
The standard HR function has become antiquated and is bogged down by red-tape so much so that you would prefer getting a root canal instead of going to the HR department to get a task done.

But everybody just eventually becomes of the opinion that it is what it is and moves on with their lives. So, what if there was a way to actually improve HR function instead on harping about the fact of how awful it is?

Fixing HR with Artificial Intelligence

In this era of all things technology, it is hard to find an avenue of business that is not intertwined with artificial intelligence and machine learning. In order to streamline processes and save cost corporations are implementing AI technology in everything they can think of. So, why should the HR industry stay behind? A number of processes that plague the HR department and take away for their key objectives are those that can be easily passed on to an automated system. This results in making sure that queries get real time answers and that the work load of HR is reduced. Repetitive tasks like orientation questions, leave applications etc., can be revamped to just a conversation instead of half a day and running to different departments.

Imagine having to just have a conversation on your phone and getting your leave approved instantly. Or knowing your salary status with a single click? Chat-bots are being increasingly used for these purposes. Capable of mimicking humans, chat-bots make you feel like you are having a conversation with a friend while at the same time helping you find what you need, all in the span of a minute. AI tools that can analyze employees’ performance and come with solutions to enhance efficiency are quickly becoming the need of the hour. AI in HR would lead to fewer errors, and result in more productivity. With the huge amount of data that the HR team gathers, AI can be the perfect tool to optimize it’s use. Using AI in the right manner will change the face of the HR function and now, is the time to start doing it.