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How It Helps?

Irrespective of whether the decision will impact the company’s sales figures in 2020 or on the very next day, BASH helps employees take intuitive decisions backed with data. While the team has time to ponder upon long-term decisions, BASH helps take day-to-day decisions in a much better fashion-


Leave approval

Usually, team members apply for their own individual leaves however, at times they tend to be cancelled because others might also want to apply for a leave around that time-period. So, BASH will let the employee know how likely their leaves are to get approval.



A team member may conduct a meeting, onboarding session, demo, or some other important discussion. If the member receives regular feedback then it will help the member improve in the future. BASH ensures that we receive regular feedback.



BASH maintains a list of available training opportunities to choose from for the new employees. The team leads or reporting managers will be able to keep a track on the progress and measure results accordingly.